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Welcome to Sea Glass Management, LLC

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.Full Service Property .Management

.Tenant Locating Services

.Property Maintenance

.Seasonal Property Servicing

.Qualify Tenant(s) Lease Execution Services

Consulting Service

Consulting Service

Based on our years of experience in the rental market we will provide an overall analysis of the value and condition of your property in the current rental market.  We provide information to assist you in placing your home on the rental market at the right price given the market trend at the time of our visit.  We will also share with you our professional opinion as to the desirability of your property to perspective tenants, maintenance issues that may deter renters, code regulations as they relate to the legal guidelines as set forth by the State of Maine that will enable you to list your property for rent with confidence

  1. Come out to the property, access the property

  2. Make a list of maintenance repairs and items needed for code regulations

  3. Take pictures of the property

  4. Provide marketing analysis on the property


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