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Welcome to Sea Glass Management, LLC

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.Full Service Property .Management

.Tenant Locating Services

.Property Maintenance

.Seasonal Property Servicing

.Qualify Tenant(s) Lease Execution Services

Consulting Service

Tenant Locating Services

Sea Glass Rentals & Property Management LLC will locate suitable tenant(s) for your property.  Qualify the tenants through the following procedures: Screen the tenant(s) utilizing our thorough Application process; secure a credit report with a credit score 650 or above.  Background / reference check to ensure all information provided is accurate. And to:

  1. Advertise the property using our multimedia campaign advertisement plan

  2. Show the property to prospective qualified tenant(s)

  3. Execute the Lease Agreement and provide original copy to Owner(s)

  4. Collect initial rent and full Security Deposit

  5. Maintain accurate and current records as prepared by Sea Glass Rentals & Property Management  LLC

  6. Furnish Owner(s) a Transactional Cash Flow Report as it pertains to the rent monies collected and the disbursement of said monies.

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