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.Full Service Property .Management

.Tenant Locating Services

.Property Maintenance

.Seasonal Property Servicing

.Qualify Tenant(s) Lease Execution Services

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Full Service Property Management

Sea Glass Rentals & Property Management LLC will locate suitable tenant(s) for your property. Qualify the tenants through the following procedures: Screen the tenant(s) utilizing our thorough Application process; secure a credit report with a credit score 650 or above. Background / reference checks to ensure all information provided is accurate and said prospective tenant is suitable for subject property. And to:

  1. Execute the Lease Agreement.

  2. Collect full Security Deposit and maintain said deposit in a separate escrow account.

  3. Complete a Move-In Condition Report with Tenant(s)

  4. Maintain accurate and current Repairs / Maintenance  records

  5. Oversee said maintenance and repairs to ensure quality workmanship

  6. Renew and or terminate leases.

  7. Collect rent, deposit said rent, and disburse proceeds in a timely manner.

  8. Furnish Owner with a monthly Cash Flow Report as it pertains to the rent monies collected and the disbursement of said monies.

  9. To coordinate / facilitate eviction(s) or any other legal actions with legal teams associated with the property.  Owner(s) are responsible for all legal fees associated with property for any reason(s) deemed necessary.

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